Early years

Rex began wrestling in the Summer of 2009. His first matches were in a long-retired railroad station depot that was located in a small town outside of his hometown of Dothan, Alabama.

He spent the next few years wrestling in small companies in Southern Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida before moving to Houston, TX to train under Booker T in 2011. 


In the Summer of 2015, Rex lived and worked in Jalandhar, Punjab, India where he served as the head coach at The Great Khali's professional wrestling academy.

During his time there, he trained men and women of all ages with zero prior wrestling experience, and more than half of his students not speaking the same language. 

Today, many of the men and women Rex taught now wrestle full-time with The Great Khali's Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) company. The first touring company in India's history.