2017 Reality of Wrestling Wrestler of the Year

When Booker T’s Pro Wrestling Alliance became Reality of Wrestling five years ago, I was the first match on the first set of tapings. I lost terribly. Not only did I lose, but I disappointed the office. In fact, I did such a bad job; they chose not to air the episode at all. That’s right. My failure was so obscene, it got two other matches (sorry Gustavo) and multiple promos erased from existence.

On that first show, I didn’t understand my role. More importantly, I didn’t give my boss what he expected of me. I spent the next few months on the sidelines considering what this business is about and questioning my own ability to succeed. Failure is a powerful motivator.  When opportunity luckily came again (as they often don’t in this business) I made sure I would learn from my mistake. Since then, I have prided myself on always making sure I am able to deliver exactly what is asked of me in any situation.  

From that night, my career in this company has been interesting to say the least. I have played roles I never expected myself to play.  I’ve been Russian. I’ve trained wrestlers in India. I’ve fought good friends. I’ve had championship reigns and disappointments. Most importantly, my career has been one of consistent growth.  Within this pattern, 2017 was the most rewarding year of my career yet. I’ve had the opportunity to represent this company many different places, and the opportunity to work with amazing talent.  

Being a part of this company’s progression has been incredibly rewarding. It has gone from being internet exclusive, to local television, to now being the second most viewed wrestling show on Fite TV. The incredible talent, staff and production crew put on an amazing product that I’m proud to be a part of, and to call my home promotion.  Now, as I travel, more and more fans, in towns all over the country, are telling me they saw me first on ROW on Fite TV. To go from getting the first episode of the show deleted, to being recognized as the Wrestler of the Year in this company’s biggest year to date is truly an honor.

Thank you to the company and everyone at ROW for recognizing me. Thank you to Booker T for the guidance and the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. Thank you to the fans that watch every week and allow us a platform to perform. Lastly, Thank you to the #Supportlocalmusic awards for hosting us last night.

Here’s to a bigger and better 2018.


Rex AndrewsComment